Upcoming Releases

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Check out the books I have planned below!

Double Cross (MMF Romantic Suspense)

An action-packed romantic suspense with m/m and a m/m/f HEA!

Tropes include:

  • Big bad growly alphas (the WIP title was “Alphas in Love” πŸ˜‚)
  • Their girl who they’d do anything for
  • Touch-her-and-you-die
  • Enemies-to-lovers (m/m) / friends-to-lovers (m/f)
  • Throple meets the parents
  • …And more!
Nico’s Untitled Story (Gay Romance)

What happened before Mr. Hollywood’s Secret? Nico tells all in this story of how he and Eric first got together.

Tropes include:

  • Longing. So. Much. Longing.
  • Older man / younger man
  • In-the-closet drama
  • Delicious angst
  • The Big Tough One going soft for the Little Nerdy One
  • …And more!

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