The Royal’s Love Series

Book 1: The Royal’s Pet

I was nobody, a lone American backpacking her way through Europe, until my steamy night with the Prince of England accidentally went viral. Uhhhh. YOLO, I guess? Now the queen wants my head on a platter, his bodyguard keeps shooting me icy glares that would make a penguin shiver, and the prince…well. He thinks this is all “bloody hysterical.” My instinct to flee is increasing, but when these two British hunks get their hands on me and their tongues everywhere… It’s enough to make this kitten purr.

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Book 1.5: The Royal’s Birthday

His Royal Highness, Happy birthday!!! I know you said you wanted a quiet, intimate party, but…I’ve got something better planned for you. Much better. And much more intimate. 😉 So put on your birthday suit (no, not that one) and come meet me and your bodyguard. We’ve got all your favorite things: guns, food, oh…and US. XOXO Your adoring & adorable lovers, Rory & Ben

Note: This is a bonus novella.

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Book 2: The Royal’s Baby

I was no one, just another American tourist backpacking her away across the world. Until I stumbled into the arms of not one, but two beautiful British men: Prince Roland. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed, drop-dead-gorgeous prince of England. Cocky, brilliant, with the biggest…heart of anyone I’ve ever met. Ben Tolle. The dark-eyed, brooding former-soldier turned bodyguard. They say the quiet ones are always the kinkiest, and his hands are powerful instruments that make me weak in the knees. They love me and each other—and I love them. Now I’m pregnant and I don’t know how to break the news. Worse, there are people who hate our unconventional union…people who would do anything to see us torn apart. The world wants me to make a choice. But this American Princess doesn’t roll over. I’m going to fight for my family and the happy ending we deserve. Together.

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Book 2.5: The Royal’s Forever

The Final Happily Every After… Roland is King. Ben struggles with fatherhood. And Rory…is just trying to keep the peace. Discover how the three handle teenagers…and still make room for a little “adult time.”

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The Royal’s Love Complete Series

Get the whole collection in one book! This collection includes:

  • The Royal’s Pet
  • The Royal’s Birthday
  • The Royal’s Baby
  • The Royal’s Love

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