A must read book. I suggest you carve out a few hours where you won’t be interrupted before you start reading, because there is no chance you will want to take a break until you read the final word.”

“Gabe Madsen is now my #1 favorite book boyfriend. Love, love, love!”

“Wow! I think I need a shot of brandy to calm my nerves after reading this book. This action-packed romance story had so many twists and turns, as well as unexpected sexual connections, that will leave you feeling the thrill you get when you finish riding the Kingda Ka rollercoaster.”

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Their story continues in Double Crossed: Bonus Episodes.

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Adora Crooks writes romances featuring queers, misfits, and morally grey characters. Her spicy stories are packed with heart, action, humor, and smokin’ hot scenes.

She currently resides in the magical city of New Orleans with her beloved and their two nutty mutts. Adora lives off of coffee, cookies, and books and daydreams about dirty romances with happy-ever-afters.

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