“Omg, I can’t believe it. This book is a fast flowing read. It just sucks you in to the characters and story.”

“I really enjoyed this story. The three main characters were so relatable, individuals and so intelligent and humorous. Loved the banter between them, the friendship and caring was so amazing and rarely seen in this genre.”

“This is one of the best books I’ve read about polyamorous relationships; almost makes me want to go out and find one. What would it be like to be adored by two men, who are also your best friends? Well, if you want to try that out, vicariously, then here’s your story.”

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Adora Crooks writes romance featuring queers, misfits, and morally grey characters. Her spicy stories are packed heart, action, humor, and, of course, steam.

She currently resides in the magical city of New Orleans with her beloved and their two nutty mutts. Adora lives off of coffee, cookies, and book reviews and daydreams about dirty romances with happy-ever-afters.

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