The Truth or Dare Series

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Book 1: The Bully’s Dare

Jason King is the worst. Cocky. Frat boy. And the biggest bully around. His family is richer than God and he thinks that makes him the king of Hannsett Island. But he’s not the only player on the board… We’ve got our Knight-in-shining-leather, Donovan. My best friend and a loner with a heart of gold. And then there’s me…the Queen, obviously. Checkmate. Except the chemistry between the three of us changes the rules in a BIG way. Your move, Jason…Truth or dare?

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Book 2: The Doctor’s Truth

Jason King is the worst. Cocky. Frat boy. And the biggest bully around. His family is richer than My son is in trouble. And the only man who can save him…doesn’t even know he exists. At 18, I lost my v-card to my two best friends. And then came the fall out. I ran from Hannsett Island. It’s been me and my son against the world ever since. I told myself I’d never go back, but my son is sick. And the two doctors who could save his life…? Jason and Donovan. The same two boys I shared one hot, steamy night with over ten years ago. Can I keep my secret safe…even though it threatens to slip out every time their lips touch mine?

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Book 2.5: Two Truths & A Lie

Jason is recently divorced, and he needs somewhere to stay. Donovan invites him home…on the condition that the stay is temporary. Can they navigate living together, or will things get…hard?

Note: This is a short bonus novella.

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Book 3: All I Want For Christmas is Them

One night. One perfect night-before-Christmas. It starts with tickets to a holiday-themed rock show. A winter night in the snow-clad city with my best friend and my perfect girl. Naomi is stunning, vibrant, and as wild as she is beautiful. Diego is my rock, my loyal companion, my best friend for life. Tonight, the three of us will celebrate like no other. Tonight, we’ll dance, and drink hot toddies, and spend the night wrapped in each other’s arms. I’m going to savor it. Every minute. Because tonight might be my last night alive.

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Book 4: Untitled Joan Story

Coming soon! The final book in the “Truth or Dare” series is a spicy, poly romance featuring Joan, Otto’s sister and the daughter of Jason, Donovan, and Kenzi.



Truth or Dare (Complete Duet)

Get the whole collection in one book! This collection includes:

  • The Bully’s Dare
  • The Doctor’s Truth
  • Two Truths & A Lie

You can also get it in paperback!

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Doctor All-Nighter

The doctor next door is keeping me up…all night long. I can’t sleep. I can’t study. Not with his late night…company. If you can’t beat them, join them, right? My one-night-stand gets complicated when my pregnancy test comes back positive. To top it all off? My new OBGYN turns out to be the very neighbor who put the baby inside of me.

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