The Royal’s Love is Free Until 11/12!

It’s my party, and I’ll give away presents if I want to…

Happy birthday to me! This Scorpio author is celebrating her birthday by giving away The Royal’s Love (complete MMF series) for free!

This box set not only has The Royal’s Pet and the Royal’s Baby, but also comes with bonus stories. Plus, if you borrowed the box set in KU, you can now grab your copy and own it forever.

Click here to get it for free!


Rory is nobody, a lone American backpacking her way through Europe, until her steamy night with the Prince of England accidentally goes viral.

Ben Tolle has always taken his duty as the Prince’s bodyguard seriously…even if it means keeping his love a secret.

Prince Roland is ready to escape his Queen mother’s overbearing clutches…only to find that the danger that lurks outside the Palace walls is very real…

…And now all three of them are caught in the crosshairs.


I have some BIG news coming up about my Truth or Dare (MMF) series

  1. I’m getting brand new covers! I’ll have them ready for you soon, and honestly they’re so cute 😍
  2. Speaking of covers, I’m adding new paperbacks! You’ll soon be able to purchase both The Bully’s Dare and The Doctor’s Truth in paperback.
  3. I’m adding bonus content to the books! I just sent them out to my Beta readers (you know who you awesome people are…) and got some GREAT feedback, so I can’t wait to share it…

Completely unrelated — I’m going to Vegas in a couple days for an author conference! It ends with RAVE, a book signing, that I won’t be participating in this year unfortunately…but maybe next time!

Is anyone going to RAVE? Or do you have recommendations of what to do in Vegas? I’d love to hear what you think 😊

Thanks for being a loyal reader, and have a great weekend!


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