Character Interview #1: Prince Roland


The following is a transcript from a video interview with reporter Sally Sanders and Prince Roland. 

SALLY SANDERS: Prince Roland, can you hear me?

PRINCE ROLAND: Yes. I can hear you. Roger that.

S.S.: Good! It’s truly a pleasure and an honor to speak with you, Your Highness.

ROLAND: Yes. Thank you. The pleasure is honestly mine.

S.S.: This is your first official interview with the people of England…how does that feel?

ROLAND: Honestly? It’s a tad unnerving. But I’m ready for it. It’s high time the people know who their prince is.

S.S.: And we’re thrilled to get to know you. Now…for those of you who can’t see, I’m actually on a video conference with the Royal Prince of England. Can you tell me more about why you requested this method of communication?

ROLAND: Right…well. Unfortunately, I’m unable to leave Buckingham Palace for the time being.

S.S.: As I understand it, the palace doors have been closed ever since the death of Prince Consort Duncan Hughes. Is that true?

ROLAND: Mmhm. Yes. My father’s assassination was…a tragedy. A tragedy for England and a tragedy for my family as well. We’re all just…coping the best way we can. Until we find the man or woman responsible for my father’s death, the doors will remain closed.

S.S.: It’s been ten years. What do you say to the people who claim there was no assassination attempt, that it was a malfunction in the plane’s engine?

ROLAND: I’d tell them they’re nutters. We’re not exactly doing this for our health.

S.S.: Ten years.


S.S.: That’s a long time for a man to be cooped up in one place. Last time we saw you, you were a thirteen-year-old little boy and now you’re…well.

ROLAND: I’m what?

S.S.: Ah…I only mean…you’ve grown up into quite an attractive man, Your Highness.

ROLAND: Aren’t you an angel?

S.S.: I—well. Next topic.

ROLAND: Please. I hate talking about myself.

S.S.: Well, you’ll only have to bear with my a little longer.

ROLAND: Ah, no. This is nice. You are wonderful. Continue.

S.S.: How do you keep yourself busy during the day?

ROLAND: I read. Quite a lot. I love the escape. I take tea with my mum most evenings…every now and then, we’ll get a visit from her sister.

S.S.: What do you do for company?

ROLAND: I’m open to suggestions.

S.S.: (laughs) Oh…I wouldn’t know about that.

ROLAND: To answer your question—my bodyguard, Ben. He’s my best mate. I’d lose my bloody mind without him.

S.S.: And your relationship with the queen…what’s that like?

ROLAND: My mother is—

QUEEN SELENA: Right behind you.

(At this point, QUEEN SELENA enters behind the PRINCE and narrows her eyes at the screen.)

QUEEN.: What’s this then?

ROLAND: Who. This lovely lady is Sally Sanders; she’s interviewing me. The people are entitled to know their royal family…

QUEEN: Right. Miss Sanders, is it? You’ll be hearing from us.

The interview ends here. It was never ultimately released.


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