Ménage Romances

Greedy girls have more fun! If you enjoy MMF romances (romances with one woman and two bisexual boys), you’ll love my books below…

The Royal’s Love Series: A MMF Ménage Royal Romance

*Each book in The Royal’s Love series can be read as a standalone.

The Royal’s Pet (Book 1)

#1 Bestseller in Bisexual Romance!

Note to self: when engaging in a ménage with a swoon-worthy prince and his alpha bodyguard, turn off your camera!

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The Royal’s Baby (Book 2)

I’m pregnant…and my baby has two daddies. We’ll fight for our family and the happy ending we deserve. Together.

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The Royal’s Love (Box Set)

Get two steamy full length novels, plus two bonus novellas!

The Royal’s Pet
The Royal’s Birthday
The Royal’s Baby
The Royal’s Forever

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The Truth or Dare Duet: A MMF Romance

*This is a two-part duet, meaning you have to read the books in order to get the full effect.

The Bully’s Dare (Book 1)

Jason King is the worst.

Cocky. Frat boy. And the biggest bully around.

His family is richer than God and he thinks that makes him the king of Hannsett Island. But we’re about to prove him wrong…

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The Doctor’s Truth (Book 2)

My son is in trouble. And the only man who can save him…doesn’t even know he exists.

But it’s hard to keep my secret to myself…when their lips keep prying mine open…

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All I Want for Christmas is Them (Book 3)

One night. One perfect night before Christmas.

Naomi is stunning, vibrant, and as wild as she is beautiful. Diego is my rock, my loyal companion, my best friend for life. Tonight, the three of us will celebrate like no other. Tonight, we’ll dance, and drink hot toddies, and spend the night wrapped in each other’s arms.

I’m going to savor it. Every minute. Because tonight might be my last night alive.

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Truth or Dare (The Complete Duet)

Get both books in the duet, plus a bonus novella!

Kenzi’s son is in trouble, and the only two men that can help him are Jason and Donovan — her former best friends.

Only they’re not eighteen anymore; both men have grown up into successful doctors, and they want one thing: her.

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Standalone Stories

Mr. Hollywood’s Secret

Eric North is Hollywood’s favorite leading man. But he has a secret. His long-time live-in lover and boyfriend, Nico.

In effort to protect his ladies’ man image, his agent concocts a plan to set him up with a fake fiancée. But Nico isn’t going down without a fight. Because Eric’s new fiancée? Is Nico’s best friend, b-list actress Chrys Hudson. And when the three of them are together… The chemistry is anything but fake.

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