“Kiss my knife and say, Thank you, sirs.” – Gabe Madsen

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I literally couldn’t put it down. Maybe a reread in like a week?”

Two Navy SEALs and a law student must find a lost artifact, eliminate the bad guys, and save the world. Too bad the chemistry between the trio is pull-the-grenade-pin-out-with-your-teeth explosive.

Tropes include:

  • MMF (and M/M) spicy scenes
  • Touch her and die
  • Enemies-to-lovers
  • Military men
  • Rope play & bondage
  • Knife & gun play

Double Crossed (Double or Nothing #1)

Mission Brief: Find the stolen treasure. Eliminate the threat. Protect the girl at all costs. And for shuck’s sake, Jack, feed the shucking chicken.

The lost gold of Helen of Troy was supposed to be a myth, until it showed up behind enemy lines. Only to vanish once again when one of the soldiers double-crossed his own team.

Now, the recovery mission is in the hands of…well. A bunch of idiots.

Jack Crossed is a ripped, brooding Navy SEAL who will punch first, ask questions never.

Gabriel Madsen is a military man with the swagger of a rock star who cares about justice (almost) as much as he cares about his hair routine.

Kennedy Furhman is a whip-smart law student who moonlights at a strip club and, with the right makeup palette, can blend into any crowd.

It’s up to the three of them to find the lost gold, eliminate the bad guys, and, apparently, take care of a dumb-as-rocks pet chicken who won’t stop following them around.

Too bad the chemistry between the trio is pull-the-grenade-pin-out-with-your-teeth explosive. If only they could keep their hands off each other, they might be able to accomplish the mission.

But where’s the fun in that?

Double Crossed is a fast-paced, why choose romance with two rough military men and the woman they’d burn the world for. This book contains two possessive anti-heroes, explicit sexual situations, and violence. There is no cheating, and there is a HEA.

Bonus Content

Coming Soon…

Double Bucked (Double or Nothing #2)

Same Universe. New Idiots.

Double Bucked is an upcoming standalone MMF Western Romance featuring military men, cowboys, action-adventure romance, and lots of spice.

Full blurb coming soon!