The Truth or Dare Series – Timeline

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This is the linear timeline for fans who want to know where the characters are at any given time. Technically, you can read them in this order, too. Whichever floats your boat 🙂

Book 1: The Bully’s Dare

SUMMER, 2005.

Donovan, Kenzi, and Jason spend a wild summer together as teenagers.

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Spin-Off: Doctor All-Nighter

Donovan is training for his residency in a hospital on the coast.

Jason is married to his first wife and struggling with what that means for him.

Kenzi is in London, raising Otto on her own.

(Note: Donovan makes a cameo in this book and the other two are referenced only vaguely. This book is NOT directly related to the series.)

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Book 2.5: Two Truths & A Lie

Jason is recently divorced, and he needs somewhere to stay.

Donovan invites him home…on the condition that the stay is temporary.

Kenzi is still in London with her son Otto.

(Note: Only Jason and Donovan are featured in this novella.)

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Book 2: The Doctor’s Truth

WINTER, 2018.

Donovan, Kenzi, and Jason reunite after over a decade apart.

Kenzi has a big secret…that will change the course of their lives forever.

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Book 3: All I Want For Christmas is Them

WINTER, 2038.

(Yes, we’re in the future, y’all).

Twenty years have come and gone since Kenzi re-entered Jason and Donovan’s lives. Now, Kenzi, Jason, and Donovan are married to each other.

Otto, their son, lives in Long Island. He’s experiencing (and ignoring) complications from the kidney transplant almost 20 years ago. Can the new love(s) of his life inspire a change of Christmas spirit?

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