Romantic Comedy

Standalone Romances by Adora Crooks

The Best Man Wins

It’s a battle to the final I do…

His name? Braxton West.

His role? The groom’s best man.

His mission? To break up the couple before they say their vows.

Two can play these wedding games…

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Doctor All-Nighter

He’s the playboy doctor next door. She’s just trying to study.
When a one-night-stand leads to a positive pregnancy test, they make a deal:
They’ll co-parent, as long as neither of them fall in love.

I just wanted a good night’s sleep. But the paper-thin walls do nothing to hide my next-door neighbor’s playboy antics. All. Night. Long.

Cue me, pounding on his door, ready to give him a piece of my mind.
But he won’t settle for only a piece.

It would’ve been easier to resist him if he wasn’t so devilishly handsome.
If his smile didn’t go straight between my thighs.
If his low-throated moans didn’t make my toes curl.

But I wake up with something worse than a hangover.
Two pink lines on my pregnancy strip.
I’m double-f’d.

In the comedy of errors that is my life, my OBGYN…is the very one-night-stand who put the baby in me.

Dear God. You suck.
Signed, Ash.

$2.99 on Amazon!

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