Achievement Unlocked 🔑 Friends-to-Lovers

The history books will say “they were best friends…”

There’s something so delicious about the friends-to-lovers trope. The longing, the years of mutual pining…both of them wanting it so much but afraid to take it…

If you like sweet-guy book boyfriends, you might enjoy my friends-to-lovers romances below…

Roland & Ben
The Royal’s Pet

Ben has been in love with Roland for years…but he would rather chop off his own arm than admit his feelings for the spoiled brat prince. Until a threesome makes their chemistry undeniable…

Diego & Otto
All I Want for Xmas is Them

Diego and Otto have been best friends since childhood. They’ve been there through the hard times. But will Otto’s secret put their friendship to the test?

Kenzi & Donovan
Truth or Dare

Bad guys deserve friends too. When Donovan and Kenzi first meet, they’re fast friends…and trouble makers. They prank their way through the summer…until their antics lead to more.