All I Want for Christmas is Them

One night. One perfect night before Christmas.

It starts with tickets to a holiday-themed rock show. A winter night in the snow-clad city with my best friend and my perfect girl.

Naomi is stunning, vibrant, and as wild as she is beautiful.

Diego is my rock, my loyal companion, my best friend for life.

Tonight, the three of us will celebrate like no other. Tonight, we’ll dance, and drink hot toddies, and spend the night wrapped in each other’s arms.

I’m going to savor it. Every minute. Because tonight might be my last night alive.

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Mr. Hollywood’s Secret (MMF Steamy Romance)

I’m too old for this s***.

As Hollywood’s favorite leading man, I’m slated for a full week of non-stop cons, interviews, and hotel-hopping to promote my latest movie. I’ve got jetlag just thinking about it.

I want to be in my own bed, in my own house, with my own boyfriend.

Nico and I have been dating for years. But no one knows. We live–and love–in the closet.

Hollywood. Politics. Paparazzi. It’s all one big show.

As if that isn’t enough, my agent has set me up with a fake fiancée for the PR circus.

Only my “fiancée” turns out to be Nico’s “more-than-friends” friend from college.

And when the three of us are together…there’s a chemistry I can’t ignore.

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Truth or Dare (The Complete Duet)

At 18, I lost my v-card to my two best friends. And then came the fall out.

I ran from Hannsett Island. It’s been me and my son against the world ever since.

I told myself I’d never go back, but my son is sick. And the two doctors who could save his life…?

Jason and Donovan. The same two boys I shared one hot, steamy night with over ten years ago.

Can I keep my secret safe…even though it threatens to slip out every time their lips touch mine?

Included in Series:
The Bully’s Dare
The Doctor’s Truth
Two Truths & A Lie (Bonus Novella)

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