Achievement Unlocked 🔑 Good Guys

You love a classic hero!

This book boyfriend will make you breakfast in bed, will hold your hand in public, and will go out of his way to make sure you feel loved and cherished, whether that’s with surprise flowers or just by complimenting your style. And he makes sure you always *ahem* finish first.

(What’s the saying? Nice guys finish last? 😉)

If you like sweet-guy book boyfriends, you might enjoy my guys below…

Owen Harker
Doctor All Nighter

A classic golden retriever boyfriend, Owen puts up a playboy front, but honestly he was ready to get married, like, yesterday. Loves fun dates, texts often just to “check in,” and may surprise you with random stuffed animals.

All I Want for Xmas is Them

Diego’s mother taught him right. He knows how to respect women and how to love with his whole heart. He might not be the most experienced guy out there, but what he lacks in experience, he makes up for with raw enthusiasm.

Jason King
Truth or Dare

Is the best “good guy” actually a reformed “bad boy”? Once upon a time, Jason King was the biggest bully around. He learned from his mistakes, and now he’s cleaned up his act and wants nothing more than to lavish his lovers with affection.