Adora Crooks’ Monthly Giveaway

Tis the season for giving! Every Friday in December, I’m giving away a book…completely for free! Scroll down to mark your calendars and happy holidays! XOXO, Adora

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Eric North is Hollywood’s favorite leading man. But he has a secret: his boyfriend, Nico. When his agent sets him up with a fake fiancee, the chemistry between all three of them is very real.

Free on Amazon Dec. 2nd!

Otto is all grown up and dealing with complications brought on by his surgery twenty years ago. His girlfriend and best friend come to the rescue…but can they give him the infusion of Christmas spirit he needs to survive the season?

Free on Amazon Dec. 9th!

Rory is pregnant…and her baby has two daddies. A royal prince and a bodyguard. The problem? The world wants to break them up. But the three of them will fight for their family and the happy ending they deserve. Together.

Free on Amazon Dec. 16th!

She’s trapped as the ward of a mafia family. He’s the older bodyguard who has protected her for years. Can they escape the family and find peace together?

Free on Amazon Dec. 23!

Kenzi is a single mom with a big secret…her son, Otto. When Otto gets sick, she has to go back to the place she ran from…and the two men she ran from.

Free on Amazon Dec. 30!