Achievement Unlocked 🔑 Bad Boys

You can’t help it…you’ve got it bad for bad boys.

These psychos are foul-mouthed dirty talkers…and even filthier between the sheets. They can range from bullies to alpha-holes to straight up killers. Sometimes, they do bad things for good reasons (i.e., will stab a guy to protect their partner). Other times, they do bad things because, well, it’s just more fun.

If you like naughty book boyfriends, you might enjoy my guys below…

Protecting His Finch

Archer is about as “bad boy” as it gets. He’s ex-military, and now he works as a bodyguard for the mafia. This gruff older man takes no prisoners when it comes to protecting the love of his life. He’s a strong, trigger-happy psycho boyfriend…who melts only for his girl.

Jack Crossed
Double Crossed

Jack is a former SEAL, and he won’t let anyone forget it. He won’t hesitate to kill, maim, or injure anyone who so much as looks at his partner(s) the wrong way. This assassin would happily burn the world down to protect the two people he loves.

Braxton West
The Best Man Wins

Can you say “alpha-hole”? Braxton West is a playboy billionaire who makes wedding planner Susie’s life a living hell…just because he can. To be fair, he has the best interests of his little sister in mind, but does he really need to be that much of a dick about it?