Project Update #3: Sagittarius 🌈

I’m just counting down the days until August 18th when my M/M romance, Sagittarius, finally goes live!

It has some of my favorite tropes…

It tells the story of how Nico and Eric got together (who you might remember from Mr. Hollywood’s Secret). In this story, Nico is a depressed, washed-up author who wants nothing more than to throw in the towel.

Until he meets Eric, the enigmatic actor who, despite being a stranger, is the only one in Nico’s life who sees straight through him.

They find some…unconventional ways to get Nico out of his funk 🔥

Keep reading for an exclusive teaser…for your eyes only!


–A shadow falls over me.

I open my eyes and glance at the man standing at the edge of the pool.

He looks like a Mormon. He’s wearing a nice suit over a white button-up, a shirt so white it’s blinding. His posture is perfect. There’s not a dark hair out of place on top of his head, and his trimmed beard perfectly outlines his strong jaw and traces his tight mouth.

He looks every bit as put together as I feel fallen apart.

“Your doorman is nice,” he says.

I huff. “Do I look like the type of person to have a doorman?”

His eyes flicker over me once. I’m suddenly acutely aware that I’m shirtless. And sunburned.

“Yes,” he states.

“That’s the meanest thing anyone’s ever said to me.”

“I doubt that.”

He crouches. His fingertips break the surface of the pool water. He has big hands. Strong hands. It feels invasive, the way he does it.

I think I’d enjoy being invaded by him.

I squint at him. “Who are you?”

“Eric. Eric North. I’m—”

My brain clicks on. “The actor.”

He nods. “Yes.”

“The actor who is acting in the movie about my book.”

My brain is a fog, and I have to sound reality out, like a child learning to read.

My teacher is patient. He nods. “Yes. Second Hand Kill. I play Ivan.”

I let out a long-suffering sigh. “Well then, you may as well drown me now.”

He blinks. “Come again?”

“I want nothing to do with it. I sold the rights for a reason. I want out. Take the book. It’s yours. A closed adoption, if you will. Just leave me out of it.”

“I had a couple questions. About Ivan. I was hoping you could help me.”

“Why don’t you ask your director?”

“I’m asking you.”

I stare at him. He can’t be serious. Can he?

I press my lips together. “Give me ten to freshen up.”

“Five,” he says. Ordering me around. In my own house, no less. “I saw your bar on the way in. I’ll fix us a drink.”

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