Golden Retriever Boyfriend VS. Psycho Boyfriend?

When it comes to book boyfriends, I find that I always tend to write two types of boyfriends…

The you look stressed, babe, do you need me rub your feet? book boyfriend

Or the touch her and you die book boyfriend

And sometimes, they both love the same girl (and each other)! 😂

So it got me thinking…which do you prefer?

To clarify, here are the definitions:

Golden Retriever Boyfriend: Not an actual dog! Just a boyfriend who *acts* like a golden retriever, he’s loyal, devoted, a big sweetheart, and will fetch you whatever you need, the second you need it. A very good listener and can be very, er, direct-able.

Psycho Boyfriend: Not an official diagnosis. He might not always be great with Valentines’ gifts and often has a bad temper, but you’ll never find a more ride-or-die guy than this one. Plays with knives for fun (and sometimes even brings them in the bedroom).

To help with this (Very Scientific) thought experiment, I made a graph of my book boyfriends, listed from most-stabby to least-stabby.

I know what you’re thinking–Adora! I’m so glad you created this graphic instead of writing!

Ah, procrastination 🥰

You might notice some Brand New book boyfriends at the top…Jack and Gabe are part of my MMF Romantic Suspense, which is coming soon! They’re both ex-military, very alpha, and yes, they can get very stabby.

You can click the links below to learn more about these villainous (or complete sweetheart) men:

So which do you pick…golden retriever book boyfriend or psycho book boyfriend?

Click below to vote!

PS: I didn’t forget about Otto and Diego…I just literally ran out of space! But I’m pretty sure they’d be under Eric and Nico…I mean, Diego is basically the sweetest of sweethearts, I don’t see him getting in a fistfight any time soon.


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