2022: Year of the Book 📚

I’ve got a good feeling about this year…

She says as she throws salt over her shoulder, knocks on wood, and makes a giant plate of black-eyed peas.

Okay, so I’m cautiously optimistic…but fingers crossed 2022 is a good one for us all! I did want to take a second to look back on my books in 2021…

What were your favorite Adora Crooks books in 2021? Your favorite cover? Your favorite couple (or throuple)?

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Finally, I want to give you a look into my 2022 release schedule…here’s what I have in the plans!

  • March 2022: Doctor All-Nighter. This is a standalone m/f romantic comedy featuring a playboy doctor and his annoyed neighbor next door…plus Donovan makes an appearance as the best friend 🙂
  • April 2022: Protecting His Finch: I released this story in the “Killing Me Softly” anthology, and soon it will hit the shelves all on its own. It’s a m/f romantic suspense with a mafia princess and a bodyguard.
  • May 2022: I plan to release a sequel to Protecting His Finch, only this one will be an MMF romantic suspense. It involves two military boys, a treasure hunt, and a tropical paradise.

Food for thought…

I also have a few stories banging around inside my head and I’m not sure WHEN they’ll be released, but here you go…

  • Untitled Dark Romance: This is a 3-book MMF series. Think: Sierra Simone’s Thornchapel. It involves a secret S&M club, billionaires, scandal, and so much manipulation.
  • Paranormal Reverse Harem: This is WAY off the beaten-path for me, but I have an idea nagging at me. Vampires, werewolves, demons, oh my…obviously with some m/m and potentially f/f as well.
  • What stories are you interested in? What are you looking forward to most? Reply to this email and let me know or click below to vote!

I hope you have an excellent start to your 2022!


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