All I Want for Christmas is Them is Live!

It’s here! “All I Want for Christmas is Them” is live and ready for you to dive into it!

This book features Otto, the son from the previous “Truth or Dare” books. He’s all grown up and celebrating Christmas with his girlfriend Naomi and his best friend, Diego.

Plus, Jason, Donovan, and Kenzi have a moment or two of their own 😉

Before you get started, here’s a couple things to know about this book…

  • It’s technically a standalone, but it contains -big- spoilers from the “Truth or Dare” series. If you haven’t read those books yet and don’t want to be spoiled, you might want to check them out first.
  • This story deals a bit with grief, as one of the characters lost his mother prior to Christmas. If that’s a little too heavy for you, no stress! You can skip this one.
  • While we’re on trigger warnings — in case you didn’t realize, this is an MMF (bisexual menage) romance! Which means there are m/m scenes as well as group MMF scenes. And lots of steam 😉

And that’s it! This book was honestly so much fun to write. I’ll give you a sneak peek into the characters because I can’t wait for you to meet (and re-meet) them…

Otto is all grown up — no longer the shy little boy from the first books! He has a new lease on life and he’s a bold, brave, and proud bisexual man these days.

Naomi is his tattooed, devil-may-care girlfriend who works part time in a tattoo shop, part time in a coffee shop. They have a vibrant, explosive relationship built on trust.

Diego is Otto’s best friend since childhood. He’s a doctor and honestly the biggest sweetheart you’ll ever meet.

As for the parents (yes, they have their own POVs too), Kenzi is living out her childhood dreams owning a record shop, Jason is everyone’s favorite DILF and TV doctor, and Donovan is, as always, making life far harder for himself than it needs to be.

I can’t say much more without spoiling a few fun surprises…but I hope you pick this one up and enjoy it! It’s only $0.99 for now and it won’t be at that price for long, so snag it while you can.

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Happy holidays!
Adora Crooks

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